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Poultry farm: The enterprise technology
and profitability

According to analysts, the production profitability of poultry farm has been reached over 60% during the last year. Farm activity in the market continues to grow, which means competition increasing. Properly adjusted work promises big dividends.

Just few companies can boast a well-established business model of the chicken enterprise. Start-up firms are under significant pressure from major competitors. A poor-quality business plan faces losses at an early stage. Ltd. offer own enterprise development strategy based on a modern approach and technology for poultry farms.

Preparatory stage

Any business must begin with a detailed plan. The result of market research was the working-out of an integrated model of the chicken farm development allowing achievement of tangible income in a relatively short period.

The main aspects that are listed in the plan:

  • 1

    Determination of the chickens optimal population at the initial stage of the enterprise growth, with the possibility of further increasing them.

  • 2

    Selection of suitable premises that meet the requirements for growing birds.

  • 3

    Selection of
    young chicken.

  • 4

    Establishment of feed base:
    supply, volume, cost.

  • 5

    Analysis of the sales market of
    products: logistics, buyers.

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Chickens are the main element in the case

It is the birds that bring all the income, they must be approached responsibly. The experts believe that Lohman Brown is the most productive breed. Chickens grow rapidly and are able to give a large number of eggs, namely:

  • hatchability of incubator eggs is: 80 - 85%
  • 99%
    the young stocksurvival rate
  • 350 per year The average number of eggs per bird is up to
  • These indicators represent a great prospect in the use of this breed in the "conveyor" production.


To ensure stability in the quantity of products, as well as to maintain a comfortable environment, TOPHATS FARMS use modern technological solutions.

These include:

  • Good lighting (around-the-clock
    light is used for hens).

  • The use of modern climate systems to maintain the optimum temperature (19-20 degrees) indoors.

  • Artificial humidifiers
    / air driers.

  • Ventilation

The combination of diverse approach to business, attentive attitude to details, in-depth analysis of the market gives us the opportunity to declare success of the company. The application of the model gives excellent results in a short period of time.